A little later than expected

21 Jul 16


Cami is here with an update for all of you. I apologize for it being much later than you may have expected.

I meant to post this update over a week ago - 11 days ago to be more precise - but I'm a terrible person and kept forgetting about it.

Any members that sent their forms in on July 10 or later will be considered as regular members. I'm going to have to manually change their prejoin status, of course, since I forgot to update the TCG status until the 15th…

Unfortunately, there will be no release this month. The reason behind that decision is a little personal - so let's just say that real-life has been getting in the way recently.

To make up for the lack of a deck release, take choice cards spelling out GRAND OPENING. I figure that this is the least I can do for you guys. I'll be nice and let you guys take up to 2 cards per deck like we would during a deck release. Cards do not have to start with the letter in order for you to claim them as long as they contain the letter somewhere in their deck name. Only one of these cards may be special.

If you still find pages saying "Wild Thing" in the title, feel free to let us know through email, twitter, or the forums.

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